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    Portmanteau Iberia is currently led by co-founder and principal, William Moore, who has over twenty-five years of experience managing infill construction and development projects across the U.S. including San Francisco, Denver and throughout Colorado. His expertise spans all facets of development as well as award-winning architecture, serving as a Principal Architect and/or general contractor on over 160 projects. His historical experience; ranging from apartments and townhouses to office, retail and live-work projects have recently found their way into a new passion for adaptive reuse.


    A long-time contributor to higher education, Bill served as lecturer at the University of Colorado for 11 years. Sharing his Iberian interests, Portmanteau has also contributed to the CU Global Ambassador program; hosting student internships in Santander, Spain and lecturing in Barcelona.

    Portmanteau Iberia is backed by his passionate commitment to delivering unique and thoughtful spaces that respond to the unique contexts of his adoptive home countries of Spain and Portugal.


    • Value: $750,000,000
    • Serving as Principal: $100,000,000
    • Square Feet: 3,000,000
    • Since: 2000
    • Residential units: 1800
    • For-sale units delivered: 500
    • Projects Entitled: 160
    • Construction Projects: 100
    • Developer Principal: 30