• Philosophy

    Portmanteau Iberia’s focus begins by finding value at the intersection of contrasts. Old and new, past and present, form and function, inside and out, high value, lower cost.


    We have a twenty-year history of identifying hidden gems, from existing buildings and parcels to entire submarkets primed for growth. Many have been either overlooked by large corporations or out of reach of smaller investors. From there, we bring shared ideas, creativity and knowledge of cost and execution to transform existing structures in a way that honors the original provenance and rich history, or to reimagine a new development entirely.


    The result of this effort is a portfolio of premium, long-term income producing properties and new developments positioned for appreciation in this under-valued market. Our goal for all of our developments is to bring enduring value to the neighborhoods where we invest, and in doing so, provide a unique opportunity for investors to diversify beyond more mature markets in the United States and Northern Europe.