• Portmanteau Iberia Fund 2

    The current Opportunity offered by Portmanteau Iberia is Portmanteau Iberia Fund 2, LLC. The relatively small, $25,000,000 fund will close after Q1 2021.


    The charge of this investment fund is to create annual dividends for investors while capitalizing on the increasing demand for Portuguese real estate over the next 4-6 years. We believe Portugal is completely and unequivocally undervalued relative to Europe and the Americas. This is no secret. However, the recent Covid-19 virus has created an even greater opportunity which, once mitigated could create a circumstance of meaningful value growth. The underlying value of Portugal is widely known, offering excellent weather, a modern, stable democracy, efficient connectivity to the US and northern Europe, a beautiful and abundant coastline as well a very-favorable cost of living.


    Mechanics of the fund apply simple real estate principals of targeting real estate opportunities that are at the edges of, but not within, the current elite properties. The expected growth pushing out from the relatively high-cost areas stands to buoy values of adjacent properties. This micro progression, coupled with rapidly increasing, global acceptance and recognition of Portugal’s value.


    The fund holds interest in existing, revenue-generating property as well as investments in new developments. Both of these activities are focused on the cities of Porto, Lisbon as well as Lagos in the Algarve region of Portugal.


    Applications and additional details about the fund are available upon request through the ‘Inquiry’ tab.

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